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Being a Mormon is a pretty large commitment. Scratch that–it’s a HUGE commitment. There are the lifestyle choices most people outside the church know about—not drinking alcohol or coffee (and boy do Bostonians love both!), not smoking, abstaining from pre-marital sexual activity, etc. And then there are the time commitments—to attending the three-hour block of meetings on Sundays, to devoting time to personal scripture study, to serving fellow members and the community and to strengthening family and personal relationships.

Like I said, a commitment!

But in a global society based on individual preference (“I do what I want”), no one is forcing anyone to be a Mormon. In fact, one of the key scriptures LDS Missionaries use when they teach church investigators (and it applies to all members)  is to “ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true” (Moroni 10:4). Members are taught to continually reaffirm what they know by studying out what they believe and asking God if it’s true. No bishop is holding me hostage in my church commitments. I’m free to leave at any time. (So put those “the Mormon church is a cult” claims away.) I’m here because I want to be. Over time, as I continue talking more about these things, I think you’ll begin to understand why I’m here.

A very long story short, I feel peace being a Mormon. It brings me joy. In a turbulent world, I have faith–and in today’s climate–that’s a rarity, isn’t it? The love I feel from God and from Jesus Christ are enough to help me endure the turmoil of daily living. Isn’t that something you’d want to pass along to your family and friends?


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